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We would like to tell you what makes us different from other programs.  As veterans and their families, we are an extremely proud family sharing a common bond that less than 3% of the country can fathom.  Our experiences – from boot camp and training to deployments and/or the front lines of combat – supply us with a unique connection to one another. The Tactical Reintegration Project is run by veterans that are driven by nothing more than a desire to reclaim the esprit de corps that still burns inside, and we believe that together we can find that sense of purpose once again.  The moment you make contact, you will feel and sense the camaraderie, empathy, enthusiasm, and support by male and female veterans.  It is a positive, high energy family that will welcome you in instantly, follow up shortly after with the military humor that only veterans can appreciate, and will cover your six for life!

“Dive Deep for That Inner Peace!”

The Vets of Tactical Reintegration Project

501 (c)3 – EIN 83-3054240

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