Career Modalities

This past year, we’ve taken significant strides in advancing our mission at TRP, focusing on leveraging aqua and depth therapy to aid active service members, veterans, and Gold Star families in reintegrating into civilian life. Our Career Modality Program, a cornerstone of our efforts, has been particularly impactful. It aimed to provide comprehensive vocational support, leadership development, and mental wellness benefits through specialized training courses. Our commitment was to address the professional development needs of veterans and first responders, particularly in public safety diving. This field demands a high level of skill and confidence.
Our phased approach included foundational training, advanced program development, and culminating advanced training sessions, benefiting participants by significantly improving their job security, career growth opportunities, and personal well-being. The positive outcomes of this initiative have affirmed the value of our work and set a robust foundation for future growth. As we look forward to expanding our reach and impact in the coming year, we remain dedicated to supporting those who’ve served our country, aiming to serve even more veterans and first responders with enhanced training and support programs.

Health and WellnessFuture project

Building on the success of our Career Modality Program, we are excited to introduce our upcoming Health and Wellness Program, designed to address the holistic needs of our community. Recognizing the challenges our veterans and their families face, we are developing a comprehensive initiative focused on mental resilience, emotional healing, and disconnection from toxic environments. Our program will feature a blend of group-based learning, peer mentorship, trauma-informed yoga, and nature therapy, among other therapeutic activities. Planned retreats, ranging from 3 days to 2 weeks, will offer intensive holistic healing experiences in serene, nature-based destinations. With goals to serve up to 24 veterans and their immediate family members in our first year, we are committed to expanding our support and fostering a community of wellness and recovery. This initiative marks a significant step forward in our mission, aiming to heal invisible wounds through innovative and compassionate approaches.