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Tactical Reintegration Project
213 Boylston St., Brookline MA 02445

The TRP is a registered 501 (c)3 charity that is in good standing with IRS and state of MA. All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of the income goes towards our causes.

501 (c)3 – EIN 83-3054240

How Is Your Donation Utilized?

T.R.P.’s staff is comprised of veterans and military family members who have found peace through diving and are 100% volunteers. Every penny that is donated to the Tactical Reintegration Project goes towards training active service personnel, veterans and gold star families to dive.

Below are a few causes that we use your donations for:

Entry Level/Open Water Certification — $220
T.R.P. arranges Open Water Training through New Englands Premier training facility. The quality of the instruction from our chosen facility is second to none and focuses on thorough training of divers, including advanced training in neutral buoyancy. All of our open water students receive online training, 8 hours of academic training, 14 hours of pool training and a full open water certification dive weekend. The instructor to student ratio for our program is half of what the local training centers provide, allowing for better one-on-one time and more qualified divers.

T.R.P. Specialty Classes — $100-$400
T.R.P. provides specialty training to our students from Nitrox all the way up to Instructor Trainer. The goal of T.R.P. is not only to provide a pathway of training for our students that allows them to become full, competent members of the local diving community, but also to bring them into the professional ranks. This allows our divers to reassume leadership roles while giving back to other members.

Sponsor some dives– $100 per diver

Our program strives to certify students and get them involved in the local community.  Your donation covers boat charters, equipment rental, and dive professionals. Local diving experience allows T.R.P. divers to work as part of a team but also experience the peace and serenity of the underwater world.

Dive Gear — $150 – $2,000
Help T.R.P. provide equipment to our dedicated divers.

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