Brian Curran

Brian Curran

Founding Member / Instructor

How long did you serve in years?

5 years

Branch/es served in?


What experience/skill set do you bring to TRP?

Motivation, enthusiasm, and safety.

What has diving done for you and your life?

Diving, and TRP, have truly saved my life. I was in a very dark place for years and both have shed a new light.

How has diving affected you?

It gives me higher sense of purpose and a level of serenity that I couldn’t find for many years.

Why are you involved in TRP?

I am involved because I believe we can only keep what we have by freely giving it to others. Also, I love the camaraderie.

What do you hope to achieve with TRP?

To see another veteran walk thru the door and witness the transformations that the TRP family and the world of scuba diving provide.

What’s one fun fact that everyone should know about you?

My nickname is Gunpowder.

What Diving certifications do you hold?

I currently hold Open Water, Deep diving, Nitrox, Dry Suit, Perfect Buoyancy, Stress and Rescue Diver, Equipment Techniques, Science of Diving, React Right. I currently hold a Divemaster certification and will be taking an Assistant Instructor course soon I hope.

How many dives do you have?