Michael Brandon Jones

  • Michael Brandon Jones


How long did you serve in years?

5 years

Branch/es served in?

United States Marine Corps

What experience/skill set do you bring to TRP

A natural ability to assess in leading people to see and follow their dreams and accomplising their goals.

What has diving done for you and your life?

It revealed to me that there can be a time I can find peace and when I emerge I feel a sense of comfort, that I didn’t have before.

How has diving affected you?

It was open me up to the possibility that there is a place for healing and bounding can accrue. Something that I missed so much from time in the service.

Why are you involved in TRP?

To help and offer opportunities to a fellow service-members and families, who may need and outlet of support as I have found in diving.

What do you hope to achieve with TRP?

A place of community support and to branch out for more resources so that no service- members and thier families feel alone in this battle of isolation and disconnect.

What’s one fun fact that everyone should know about you?

I spent so much time in the water as a kid my family told me I must have gills, and secretly I was merman.

What Diving certifications do you hold?

Open water, nitrox, freediving

How many dives do you have?

scuba 100+ Freediving lifetime