Tony Rufo

Tony Rufo

Founding Member / Instructor

How long did you serve in years?

Total of twelve years

Branch/es served in?

Marine Corps and Navy

What experience/skill set do you bring to TRP

I’m an organizer/facilitator,and I’d like to utilize these skill sets to help establish TRP as a Non-Profit with long term goals.

What has diving done for you and your life?

Diving has made me more appreciative of my time on this earth, and how to make that limited time more valuable.

How has diving affected you?

Diving as provided me with a greater understanding on how all of us are connected.

Why are you involved in TRP?

To establish an organization to benefit veterans and their families.

What do you hope to achieve with TRP?

To help, assist Veterans, and their families as much as possible.

What Diving certifications do you hold?

Instructor, OW

How many dives do you have?

Greater than 4,000