William McCormick

William McCormick


How long did you serve in years?

4 years

Branch/es served in?


What experience/skill set do you bring to TRP

I’ve been a Scuba Instructor for 10 years, as well as Operations Manager for East Coast Divers

What has diving done for you and your life?

Diving has taken me to places I never would have been before and allowed me to see what 99% of the population never gets to see. Diving allowed me to live on a beautiful island, and I even met my wife through diving!

How has diving affected you?

It’s become a passion of mine. I find that I’m more motivated to travel and see new things as a diver. Diving centers me and I’m in a peaceful place whenever I’m underwater

Why are you involved in TRP?

Participation in TRP allows me to connect with other veterans interested in the same activities as me. It’s a way to re-establish the sense of community and fraternity that military service used to provide

What do you hope to achieve with TRP?

I would love to train as many new vets in diving as possible. Scuba instructors are always looking to grow the rolls of active scuba divers. I also believe diving is great for veterans as well. Divers are a close-knit community, and bringing vets into the fold is a great way to give them that sense of community.

What’s one fun fact that everyone should know about you?

I got started playing bass guitar in a band back when I was doing PMC work in Baghdad. I had no experience but was trained up by some friends to get ready for a gig we were playing at the British Embassy in time. I’m still a very amateur musician, and would like to train myself more in bass and electric guitar

What Diving certifications do you hold?

In addition to being an SSI Divemaster Instructor, I can teach the following specialties: Deep, Drysuit, Nitrox, Perfect Buoyancy, Science of Diving, Stress and Rescue, Fish ID (Caribbean), Marine Ecology, and React Right (1st Aid,CPR,AED and O2 provider)

How many dives do you have?

At least 1500