July 2023 Great Annual Fish Count

July 31, 2023 Daniel Desjardin

We had an excellent time at the 20th Great Annual Fish Count. The folks from NEADC and REEF really know how to put an event together!...

July TRP Beach Dive – Back Beach

July 18, 2023 Daniel Desjardin

What a fun day in the sun! Thank you for everyone that came!

May 2023 TRP Boat Dive

July 18, 2023 Daniel Desjardin

Was a fun day on the boat!

2023 Public Safety Diver Pilot Class

June 11, 2023 Daniel Desjardin

Congrats to our awesome participants in our first ever Public Safety Diver class!! Thank you Northeast Public Safety Divers for the...

2023 Wingin’ It For Diving

April 30, 2023 Daniel Desjardin

Another amazing Wingin It fundraiser! Thank you again to all of our sponsors and donors for making this possible! Thank you...

11 March 2023 TRP Climbing and Challenge Course

April 30, 2023 Daniel Desjardin

An amazing day doing some light rock climbing and the indoor challenge course at MetroRock in Everett! Thank you so much...

TRP Ski Trip to Sunapee, NH

February 20, 2023 Daniel Desjardin

What a great spring day of skiing and snowboarding at Sunapee! We were a bit worried about conditions at first as...

2023 January T&C Health and Wellness Trip

January 22, 2023 Daniel Desjardin

As a reward for engagement and achievements in the TRP, several of our members got to enjoy a Health and Wellness...

2023 New Years Beach Dive

January 2, 2023 Daniel Desjardin

A wonderful and fun day of diving to bring peace to the hearts of veterans! Beach was a little rocky from...

12 Dec 2022 Members Meeting

December 10, 2022 Daniel Desjardin

We had an awesome Member Meeting on Friday 12 Dec! We got to meet many new members, and made some awesome...