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At The Tactical Reintegration Project, we offer four program tracts: Foundations, Leader/Instructor, Career Modality, and Community Development. Each of these programs has its own meaning and path, along with advancement requirements. However, all programs start with Foundations and Community Development.

Program Path Overview
Program Path Overview


Our Foundations program is where all of our new members begin their training journey with TRP. In this program, our members develop the critical skillsets they need for Sustaining Life, Above and Below the Surface. Training in this phase starts at basic Open Water, and continues all the way to Dive Guide. This establishes a well-rounded skillset, reinforces our reintegration methods, and bolsters essential life lessons. All members are required to come through the Foundations Program. New members with prior scuba credentials may elect for a skills evaluation to advance to their current training level and identify areas of opportunity.

The Foundations curriculum is summarized in the graphic below and consists of a minimum of 60 training and community dives. Not depicted are the additional required TRP cultural and life skills trainings. These are briefed as members onboard and progress.

Foundations Program Overview


Our Leader/Instructor program is predicated on ideals rooted in the fabric of our military’s esprit de corps – Honor, Duty, & Love for thy fellow comrade. In this program, we offer an opportunity for members who are serious about becoming instructors and leaders in The TRP an opportunity to give back to their community by mentoring the next generation of members through Foundations. The course curriculum outlined in this program provides instructor level, professional training and leadership development training. This program is selective and is only offered to members who align with the standards set forth by the Community Membership Committee and meet the fitness, training, and skillset requirements to become an instructor in The TRP. Upon graduation, select members will become a part of The TRP’s core Leader/Instructor group.

Career Modality:

In our Career Modality program, we offer an advanced level of classes and skillsets designed to prepare students for a specific career opportunity. Skilled members who elect this program enter into our technical and/or scientific dive training curriculums. This program is selective and is only offered to those members who are serious in pursuing a career that requires special dive skills. Our selection criteria are based on the evaluation of a member’s fitness, training level, and mastery of the Foundation skillsets. Course curriculum is custom designed to help align with the career path of choice. Therefore, once a member passes the selection process and is accepted into this program, they will be paired with a mentor and undergo a planning development process that centers on developing a structured approach to achieving their goals. Upon graduation, The TRP will provide assistance in applying for career opportunities or additional specialty training outside of our course curriculum (if necessary).

Community Development:

Community Development is an ongoing program and process that starts from day one with The TRP. It is our conduit to providing opportunities for members to engage/interact with their environment, build relationships, and experience all that we have to offer. Opportunities in this program range from volunteering, community scuba diving events, family fun events, scuba diving excursions and travel, networking/ social events, and much more. All members of The TRP participate in this program, as it is both the primary path to earn advancement (see below) and also the key to a healthy community. It is in this program where we enforce and reinforce our efforts to restore our Veterans and Gold Star Families back to unity. 

Advancement – Points System:

As community is the core of reintegration, we have developed a point system to build and reinforce a system of community engagement. With the exception of the initial Open Water certification in Foundations, each consecutive course requires a certain number of points to attend. For example, Equipment Techniques and Enriched Air Nitrox cost 8 points each while Science of Diving costs 18 points.

To earn points, a member needs to simply participate in TRP events. For example, attending a Members’ Meeting or volunteering at a major TRP activity (such as beach cleanups, fundraising, et cetera) will net 8 points and participating in a TRP dive will net 4-5 points (depending on the dives). Furthermore, members can host TRP mini activities, such as a TRP buddy or mentor dive, and obtain 2 points*. This is designed to track with member progression as there are a number of community dives required for each certification level. It also builds a stronger community through encouraging engagement within the TRP family; the more a member participates, the faster they can advance through the ranks! This is healthy for both the community and the individual for providing an efficient and impactful reintegration journey.

* For self reported activities, a photo must be provided and an email sent to tracking@thetrp.org. Points can be banked same as other point sources however, only 2 self reported points can be used per class signup.