Diving below to find what was within.

It is truly a hard undertaking to find words that can relay what Tactical Reintegration Project, the community, and the scuba diving have done for me. There were over 10 years dominated by a dark force before stumbling into this supportive environment. I will not dwell on those times but instead will give testament to the benefits I have seen first hand. The sport of scuba diving is a physically demanding one at times. That is great for the conditioning of the body, especially after years of not maintaining a healthy regiment. The mental preparedness needed is of utmost importance and has helped sharpen my mind. To be mindful of not only me, my dive team, but also the environment. Speaking of the environment, there is something very serene underwater. The neutral buoyancy and quiet of it all truly allow one to stay in the moment while being fully aware. I can never find the words to thank the scuba diving community who welcomed me in so easily. So instead I decided to take action and give back to the community of divers and veterans that gave to me. I am proud to be a part of TRP and scuba diving has truly shined a light on those dark times and flooded them out. I only wish to show someone that sometimes diving below is the way to find what is within. “Dive Deep For That Inner Peace.”

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